Just wanted to say thanks for the support I have received. Thank you Mark, I have spoken with William twice. I love Terrarium and you have good support for the box.
Very happy. Peter Baker

Jeff is a great asset to your company! At the NC State Fair! Awesome product Ron Goble

I’m writing because I write when I have a problem and sometimes I call but all in all it’s time to write to you to say thank you for all your help in the last year that we have had our Easyview TVbox.  Thanks to the person I spoke with on Monday, October 9, 2018 (I think he said his name was William?) we are now all set again with the box set up. again, thanks for your patience and help.   Rick & Lee Murray

On April 1, 2017 My wife and I was and Home and Garden show at RUPP ARENA (Heritage Center) Lexington, KY When we first went in we notice a large TV screen on Left (with advertising of all sports and tv channels) & a Gentlemen with a Australian accent could be heard thru a Mic. Name of Company EASY VIEW TV, For sale Easyview TV box , "Publicly available media player and all add-ons device" Keep you from going to PC and having to put in web address to each of your favorite TV station. In located all in one box. The Gentle was extreme kind and provide all information that was ask (when he couldn't provide certain TECH information on a certain brand of tv or Media device, he would say "I not a tech person I am not able to answer it"}. He wasn't pushy and very kind and answered every question. Product works great Thank you. GREAT Job

I already own a Roku 2, a Roku Stick, an Amazon Stick, and a separate Android box, and I have to say that I love this Easyview TV box the best. The interface is nicer, and it is way faster than all of my other devices. And you can't beat the price! I still haven't tried all the features within it, but so far I like what I see. Highly recommended.

First of all the shipment was fast.  Also, the Easyview is awesome. I can watch all the shows with their seasons. Also, they are HD and they are totally up to date with all tv shows.

Bought one month ago and the box lives up to my expectation.

kodi is like a pocket everybody has pockets but not everybody has the same thing in there pocket the programs died out on me very quickly,  i suggest purchasing a box from a company that specializes in kodi maintains there box full of working programs other wise trying to program the kodi and constantly updating it is just not worth the time. My personal favorite is Easyview Tv box which can be purchased fully programmed and updates are automatic super easy to use. Easyview have there own build making it easy to navigate and use. I would suggest checking out there products before purchasing any other product! 

REALLY good android TV. Much better than Roku or Google Chromecast. Definitely worth every penny!

It you are serious about being a "cord cutter", you will need this unit. Great picture display on a 4K TV.

I have had my Easyview TVfor several months now, and i love it. I am still learning and I have had to call support and they did get back to me very quick.  I am learning about the live TV sports but have found most everything including the race and the basketball games. I have found all my favorite TV shows and added to the favorites. I did buy an antenna for local channels but have already saved on the cost of the Easyview tv box.  We have watched so many movies that are now showing or were showing in theaters, and we don't have to pay to go to the movies or buy the movie when it hits the stores!

I also love mine!  it has already paid for itself in just the movies we have watch! I have only had mine 3 months, not years, but so far it has been good!

I felt like someone removed the weight off my shoulders when I cancelled my cable service for $250 per month. I replaced it with a high speed internet access package for $69 per month (50 mb/sec) then got the Easyview TV.  I love it!

I would HIGHLY recommend this box to any one, whether your new or someone already in the game, this is a great box, runssuper smooth, no lag, no buffering , just overall great . Remote works great, easy to function.  I've tried other android boxes and they DO NOT compare the to the Easyview TV box,  If your looking for a great streaming box that can do that and more, Do your self a favor and do not hesitate to grab this Fantastic Box.

Fantastic little device, everything works good with a few minor bugs that I'm sure will be fixed with future updates. The promotions are really good too. Would recommend to anyone!

This box is great! Once set up it will turn any TV into a smart TV. It even has its own volume control. I love this and it is backed by Android TV. I usually buy from Amazon but with this it was important to get it from somewhere that I knew would have a USA ready device. All the streaming services you can think of are available. The remote is simple but allows full control. Every house needs one. And, it is perfect to take to your friends house, on vacation or work. All your services everywhere you go.

This item is as prescribed. Shipping was fast and smooth. Item works fine and doesn't freeze up.

Free TV what else is there to say and works great i am 65 and i can work it

It does what I bought it for, so I'm happy.

Great for streaming and watching television. I love my Easyview TV box

I have this because it has a USB port where you can put a external hard drive, works like a charm and it has the play store and 4k compatibility.

This box has awesome features... Netflix, Sling, Hulu, Kodi, and Amazon Primeon it as well. There is no reason why this box isn't the answer to cable cutting. If you want to finally rid yourself of the costly cable bills then you need this box in your life. This is a fantastic device at a great price. What more can you ask for

Great product! Has many features to choice from. The best I've ever used

Quick easy set up. Plays seamlessly and very smooth menu, Works nice and smoothly. Better layout and system than the other boxs which we have also tried. Small bundle that's VERY easy to move around from room to room or travel. 

This device is awesome! It's easy to set up, it's fast, and it's got an amazing format and features.

I've had an obsession trying all different kinds of streaming boxes and sticks through the years. I've tried Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku boxes, Roku sticks, Fire TV boxes, and Fire TV sticks. All offer a slightly different experience, Easyview TV is the best layout and easiest to use, great job Easyview TV

It works well. It takes a while to learns how to use it as there instructions on the website are awesome making it easy to find things.

I was surprised with this product,  I wasn't expecting the quality to be as good as it was. I was very satisfied with it

Very clean and fast interface and love the simple remote control as well

We use it to see Chinese tv channel and is able to add access control ,recommend

The Easyview TVBox is powerful, versatile & compact, the exact thing I wanted for viewing. I bought it on sale, and I love it so much that I bought one for my brother when it wasn't even on sale. I highly recommend this product over virtually all other similar products currently available.


The Easyview box is a well finish product that overpasses my expectations, especially at this price. It is very responsive, and all applications work flawlessly.

Works great and is worth it, don't buy any other android tv box or fire tv, this thing is a beast!

Easy to use and many channels to choose from.

As described, the video & audio are good on my 1080p TV; there are many sources both domestic & international.

Works very well. Better then all TV boxes combined,

It was extremely easy to set up and works very smoothly. We did have to upgrade our internet speed and our wireless router though. We are still learning all of the possibilities, which continues to make it a great purchase

If your looking for a great streaming box, this is it. Very easy to set up, and great and simple interface. the. I would recommend this player to anyone who's just looking to do movies, music and games. Great price as well. Check it out.

Awesome product. easy to use awesome HD

I love it. Easy to set up. I find it better than my Amazon Fire Stick. The apps are clear and easy to navigate through.